I really hope you guys are liking the website - it's my first =)

For you folk who are at school and are encountering problems with accessing the websites, then they are probably blocked by the school domain (there would have been a message saying something like "BLOCKED"). There have been suggestions on ways to get past this problem...What you have to do is get past the schools fire wall by using a proxy server. Now don't go clicking off to Google and search "proxy servers" because hardly any of them work, in fact, I'm pretty convinced that none of them do (if you do find a proxy server that works, then contact me at jskeev@gmail.com so I can look into it). 
So what have I done, you ask? Well, I have done some of the research and probing for you. I have found some so called "unblocked game websites" that you can play "at school". All that can be found on the next page. 
I did find one suggestion which was this - type into the url, the address of the error message. When loading, press alt-f4 which will (or should) result in the internet closing and there will be no more blocks. I haven't tried this method yet but when I will, I will update this to let you know. I wouldn't suggest getting yourself into something illegal because if the school notice, not only will they get you into serious trouble, they could also report you to the police - hence why it would be illegal. The suggestion I just gave with the alt-f4 thing, isn't illegal so you can try that if you want. What would be illegal would be hacking into the school domain in any way or by cracking their fire wall. Yeah, I know I said that at the start but the more observant of you would have noticed that it is pretty impossible to do anyway. 
So long story short - make sure what you try to do is legal and if that doesn't work, then refer to the ""Unblocked" Game Websites" page. If that doesn't work, then all I can say is get on with your schoolwork!! or.......get a console!! =D

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